A Child After 40 launching Mother’s Day 2011: It’s a MOTHER of an evolution!

In 2010, the CDC reported that the only age group in the United States to show a RISE in birth rate were women over 40.

For the last decade, we’ve seen similar dramatic increases in developed nations around the world.

But why would ANY woman want a child after 40?

She’s got much to lose, like a successful career, financial and personal independence.

She’s facing rapidly declining fertility, labels like “advanced maternal age”, and other age-related stereotyping.

Then, there’s menopause while parenting young children, and a shrinking support network of family and peers.

Yet, the army of women becoming mothers after 40 grows. Why?

Is it due to soaring advancements in reproductive medicine since the 1960's?

Or, to rising life expectancy in women to 80+ years?

Probably. But these are just the facts. Simply speaking…

Women over 40 tend to feel more confident and secure about becoming mothers.

Having used their 20’s and 30’s for personal growth and self discovery, they are ready to devote themselves to children.

Many have struggled to become mothers and their gratitude is deeply felt.

Yet, they are a silent maternal army. Why?

Many midlife women--mothers over 40 and those who wish to be--feel socially isolated within a maternal youth culture.

Speaking up about their true feelings and experiences regarding motherhood means risking public censure due to their age.

So, what’s LOVE got to do with it?


The modern family is on the brink of real transformation at the source.


A new hybrid is emerging--one that fuses a mother’s devoted heart with a grandmother’s ageless wisdom.

Now, that’s as good as it gets.

Isn’t it time for the truth about motherhood after 40?

A CHILD AFTER 40 from www.flowerpowermom.com—empowering women on the journey of motherhood after 40, from fertility, birth and adoption to a midlife renaissance of parenting and self discovery.

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A Mother’s Wish Gift Pendant

Pay It Forward for Mother’s Day—is she wishing for A Child After 40? Or, has her dream already come true true?

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