Egg Donation: Why Choice Is Important

Once upon a time Jack and Jill dreamed of being parents. They did everything right. They met in college, graduated at the top of their class and pursued demanding careers. When they felt like it was time to have a baby they got married and stopped using birth control. But, alas, they didn't get pregnant.

Jack and Jill went to a fertility doctor, underwent test after test for three years and still no baby came. Their doctor finally said, "You need an egg donor." Jill and Jack cried and cried. They looked at the profiles of donors at their clinic, but no one seemed quite right. They looked through the candidate profiles of the frozen egg bank that their clinic suggested, and still, they could not find an egg donor that felt like a good for their family fit.

Their clinic was perplexed, "it's just an egg, pick one and move on!" The couple could not move on. They had dreamed all of their life of having a baby with the characteristics from both of them. The staff at the clinic made it sound like choosing an egg donor would be easy and yet, when they looked at their choices no one looked like their family.

Jill and Jack felt very much alone and were ready to give up on having a baby. Until, they heard that there is a better way. There are people who understand that choice is important and that an egg is not just an egg. Donor Concierge came along to help the couple and showed them that there are thousands of possible choices.

In a few short weeks, they found an egg donor who shared not only their ethnic background but also Jill’s interest in mathematics and music. Donor Concierge helped them to have the donor's ovarian reserve tested and approved by the couple's fertility clinic. Today, they are seven months pregnant and looking forward to the birth of their first child. They have five frozen embryos at their clinic and hope to have a sibling in the future. Like the hundreds of intended parents working every year Donor Concierge, Jack and Jill wanted to leave no stone unturned when it came to finding the perfect egg donor for them.