Christina Miller, Attorney

Christina Miller is a family law attorney based in Kansas City, Missouri. She is licensed to practice in both Missouri and Kansas, and came to the profession with a personal passion and enthusiasm for helping intended parents from all walks of life.

Christina says, "Reproductive Family Law Center is the only firm in Kansas and Missouri that exclusively serves families making babies outside the bedroom. I came to this profession after being diagnosed with my own infertility at age 21, and trying for 8 years to have my daughter. I went to law school to get a break from my own fertility journey. I had no clue that assisted reproductive technology would involve lawyers until I met Professor June Carbone. She taught me about the world of assisted reproductive technology law in the middle of the country. Upon passing the bar exam, I was at an appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist- ready to return to my fertility journey. My doctor told me that she was in need of a local attorney with knowledge of assisted reproductive technology law and was going to refer patients to me, and that’s when it clicked- I could be the advisor I had wished I had through all the years that my husband and I struggled on our own family formation journey. All that time, money, energy, and heartache spent on my own journey now allows me to bring a personal perspective to the legal work of my clients’ family formation journey. For me, helping people of all backgrounds achieve the dream of parenthood is not only my job- it’s my passion."

More on Christina's journey to parenthood can be found on her company website, Reproductive Family Law Center.