Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing has been a big topic for the last few years and particularly in the last few days. We can all see the merit for young women to preserve their fertility through freezing their eggs when they are young so that they can have their own biological children in the future when they are ready to start a family. But what about the freezing for donor eggs for intended parents in need of an egg donor. So far, I find that my clients(intended parents), are not interested in perusing frozen donor eggs if they have the option to do a fresh egg donor cycle. Yet, I see clinics and donor programs are offering frozen egg donor cycles more and more.

The technology is exciting but what will make this option appealing for intended parents. I think the answer may be that when the cost of a frozen egg cycle is lower than the cost of a fresh cycle and the success rate for a frozen cycle is equal to the success rate for fresh. But so far in most cases fresh is still more of a sure thing than frozen. Intended parents are not impressed with the pioneer technology they want guarantees and of course there are never any guarantees.

The advantage to a frozen egg donor cycle is that the intended parents don't have to plan their cycle around the egg donors cycle. Though, most intended parents are usually happy to do what ever it takes to work with a really appealing egg donor. I do think at some point using a frozen donor egg bank may become the norm but for now I don't know why an intended parent would choose frozen egg donor over fresh. I look forward to others thoughts on this topic.