“We created GenePeeks to protect future families from genetic risk that can’t be seen through other methods. We’re proud to be advancing the field of genetics, and we’re even prouder to be helping clinicians and parents-to-be make more informed reproductive decisions.

Anne Morriss, co-founder and CEO of GenePeeks, understands the urgent need for better genetic insight. Her son Alec was one of the millions of babies born every year with a serious genetic disease. Anne had no idea that she was a carrier for the disease, or that the sperm donor she chose was also a carrier. The disease risk was hidden inside their DNA – and that’s how most genetic diseases work. After Alec’s diagnosis, it became a personal calling for Anne to help future families identify risk at the earliest possible point in their fertility journeys.

In 2009, a friend introduced Anne to Dr. Lee Silver, a molecular biologist and global thought leader on genetic innovation. On a mission to enable better genetic insight, Dr. Silver was developing a breakthrough way to predict the DNA of a future child before a pregnancy begins.
A collaboration was born that led to the creation of GenePeeks – a genetic information company with a mission to protect future families from serious genetic diseases.

Since the inception of GenePeeks, Anne and Dr. Silver have launched a preconception screening service that identifies a future child’s risk of inheriting over 1100 recessive and x linked diseases. By directly targeting risk in the predicted genotype of a future child, the screen provides a more comprehensive assessment of the risk that matters most.

Before starting GenePeeks, Anne helped launch and grow multiple technology companies, with a focus on expanding entrepreneurship in emerging economies. She served as a senior advisor with the OTF Group, founded the Concire Leadership Institute, and is the best-selling co-author of Uncommon Service: How to Win By Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business. Anne received her BA from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Silver holds a PhD from Harvard University and is a Princeton University professor emeritus of Molecular Biology and Public Policy. He has been elected a lifetime fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and received a National Institutes of Health MERIT award for outstanding research in genetics.

Dr. Silver has published over 200 research articles on genetics and computational modeling, as well as two of the leading academic genetic textbooks (Mouse Genetics: Concepts and Application and Genetics: From Genes to Genomes) and two popular science books (Challenging Nature and Remaking Eden). He is the lead inventor on two issued patents for his method of generating a hypothetical progeny genome, which serve as the basis of GenePeeks’ screening technology.