How Donor Concierge Helps Intended Parents

Dear Intended Parent,

I would like to give you some insight into what I do to help you on your way to becoming parents.  So I thought I would share with you this note that I just sent to one of the clinics at the request of one of their reproductive endocrinologist.
Hi Tiffany,

Robert Greene, MD, FACOG, California IVF Fertility Center suggested that I reach out to you.  I would love to arrange a time to talk either on the phone or since I am local I would be happy to meet you at your office.

I help intended parents find the third party candidates that they need to build their families.  I do not have an agency but I work as a consultant, counselor and human search engine to help intended parents find either the egg donor or surrogate that they need.  I work with over 60 agencies across the country to find candidates that my clients can related to.  I have had great success in finding often 20 or more candidates in the following categories for egg donor:

  • Asian-Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc.

  • Middle Eastern

  • East Indian

  • Academic achievers  excellent SAT or ACT scores

    All candidates are college educated with at least a 3.0 (unless the intended parents specify otherwise), good physical and mental health backgrounds for the donor and her family. Most searches are completed with in a week and most couples are ready to choose with in two weeks or our initial search start date.

    Regarding surrogates I can usually find appropriate candidates with in a month, depending on the clients specifications.

    You can of course find more information on my site. I work completely independently from any agency.  I don't take or give referral fees but I do arrange that most of the agencies I work with offer my clients a discount which often covers my fees.  My fees are $995 for a donor search, $1,500 for a surrogate search and $1,500 for a combined search for both egg donor and surrogate.

    Probably the most valuable part of my service is that I work very patiently with my clients to help orient them to this Orwellian process, help them to avoid common pitfalls and to act as a sounding board for them as they sort through this process.  In many respects I act as their friend for a season who has no vested interest as to who they choose just that they feel secure in their choices as they move forward with the most difficult decision they will ever make.

    With warm regards,

    Gail Sexton Anderson, Ed.M.