So you think you want to be an egg donor?

Being an Ovum Donor can be a rewarding experience. But it may not be for everyone. Although many donors are initially attracted by the compensation, most follow through for altruistic reasons. A donor once told me, "Being an ovum donor was an incredible experience. It is rewarding to know that I've helped bring a child, who is wanted and loved into the world.”

Thousands of children are born into loving families each year through egg donation. Egg donors give intended parents hope by providing the essential material they need to become parents. Donors have the opportunity to help an intended parent who may have experienced premature ovarian failure, or a variety of other situations that have made it necessary for them to seek a donor. The donor allows the recipient mother to experience pregnancy, childbirth and nurse her newborn child. In the final analysis, the ideal donor is a woman who is committed to giving the gift of life.

A few things to consider before making this commitment: Egg donor recipient couples have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant on their own. They are now faced with spending tens of thousands more to try one more time with a donor (increasing their chances of success from 5-10% to 60-70%). Unlike what you may hear in the media, most intended parents are not rich. Many have to mortgage their home to pay for their fertility treatment. Examine your motives and lead with your heart not your pocket book.

Being a donor can be a wonderful experience, before you decide do move forward with this commitment do a bit of soul searching, make sure you are making a well thought out mature decision.  As an egg donor you are donating life-giving tissue that will bring joy into a family.

  • If you view your eggs as you would a child of your own you should not be a donor.

  • Have you talked about your decision to donate with family and friends?

  • Do you feel you have their support.

  • If you are questioned about your decision to donate does that sways you to reconsider, listen to your heart before you commit.

  • If you have had physical or sexual abuse in your past this could feel overly invasive. I would not recommend you consider donation unless you have had counseling and feel strongly about helping a couple to grown a family.

  • If in the future when you are ready to start a family, if you encounter fertility issues of your own (unrelated to being an egg donor, studies indicate that having been an egg donor has no effect on the donor’s fertility) will you regret having donated?

    Donors offer a wonderful gift by making a short-term commitment that will bless a couple for the rest of their lives. Every effort is made to make the cycle convenient for the donor. Donors need to have a temporarily flexible schedule to attend approximately ten appointments to make the cycle work.

    It is better to think through these issues now than to break someone’s heart after they have decided you are their ideal donor.