The Truth About Motherhood After 40

Launched in 2009, Flower Power Mom—The Truth About Motherhood After 40 is a website and blog featuring commentary, real mom stories, and expert advice on the hardcore realities of having children after 40. FPM also offers free membership to A CHILD AFTER 40 (ACA40), the first, private online community empowering all women on the journey of motherhood after40—from natural conception, IVF, egg/sperm donation, surrogacy, or adoption to midlife parenting, menopause and ageing.

A Child After 40 Experts & Authors Forum and News Brief features weekly guests and an opportunity for members to meet and “Ask Our Experts” online.  The 2011 Summer Series features experts from Reproductive Endocrinology, Clinical Child Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and journalists and authors in fertility, pregnancy and parenting after 40.