Surrogate Search Services

Which service is best for me?

No matter which service you choose, we find surrogates who meet the following criteria:

  • ASRM Guidelines
  • Your clinic's medical requirements

Detailed explanation of services:

Surrogate Search Services
Surrogate SearchStandardPreferred
Program Cost$5,500$9,500
Program duration0‑2 months2-3 months
An exhaustive search of more than 80+ surrogate agency partners to find available, medically qualified surrogates
In-house review by our medical team to ensure candidates meet our strict criteria
Coaching from our team as you choose your surrogate
Temporary hold on available surrogate candidates while medical records are reviewed by your clinic (subject to agency policy).
Arrangement of meeting with the surrogate candidate (per the agency’s policies) via video call or phone
Allows for additional criteria that meets your preferences, including location, double embryo transfer, ethnicity, relationship status, employment status, diet, etc. 
Prioritized matching and journey-based support, from searching and screening candidates to overseeing IVF cycles, heartbeat confirmation, postnatal care, and more. *Prices vary.  Ask for more details
We also have more information about typical surrogacy costs.
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