Give an extraordinary gift to an extraordinary family.

We know that it takes a selfless and exceptional woman to consider egg donation, and we are grateful for your immense generosity.

This $250,000 opportunity includes compensation to help pay off student loans, make a down payment on a house, save for the future, freeze your own eggs and give to others.

A little about us:

We are a boundlessly loving, service-oriented, high-achievement and highly educated couple (multiple Ivy League/Stanford undergraduate/graduate degrees). We are blessed with one spectacular child, but we have experienced multiple losses trying to have a second child. We need the beautiful help of an egg donor to make our family complete.

We are in search of an egg donor who matches us and our extended family based on physical characteristics and intellectual abilities. Our ideal match would be under the age of 28, Caucasian, highly educated (Stanford, Ivy League, MIT or similar level – current undergraduate or graduate student or alumna), blue or green eyes, blonde, red or strawberry blonde hair, tall, with a passion for learning, strong moral compass, giving spirit, voracious curiosity and boundless drive.

For your generosity we would like you to consider compensation of $200,000, plus a generous $50,000 extra to donate to the non-profit of your choice or to provide fertility preservation options for your future.

We will also offer a referral bonus if you have a friend who may be our donor.

We thank you for your amazing grace and consideration.

Are you our match?

If you are interested, please contact us and our representative will contact you. Thank you for helping us complete our magical family.

Apply to become an egg donor today!