We’re Looking for a Special Egg Donor!

Bring Joy to a Family and Preserve Your Future Fertility

Donor Concierge is searching for an intelligent, athletic, ambitious donor with a top tier education and healthy family history. Your donation will allow a loving and accomplished couple the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

Our couple understands, and values the commitment that donating your eggs means and they are more than happy to compensate you generously for your time and effort, up to $30,000. They would even like to offer the opportunity, at no cost, to freeze your eggs and preserve your own future family.

We are looking for an egg donor who:

  • Attends/attended a highly ranked or Ivy League university
  • Is an ambitious high achiever
  • Lives a healthy lifestyle and is highly athletic
  • Has no family history of hereditary cancer
  • Is between ages 21-29
  • Has an altruistic attitude

About the Parents

Our young ambitious power couple had a fairytale wedding, looking forward to a life together and creating their future family. Our intended mother sadly had to undergo grueling treatment for an aggressive cancer, robbing her of her fertility and her dream of having her own children.

The intended parents value academic and athletic achievement, and a curiosity of life. While they also love travel, art, and culture, family is their most cherished attribute - and having a child of their own, their ultimate desire.

How do I apply with Donor Concierge?

Applying to become an egg donor with Donor Concierge is extremely easy! Please fill out our simple form and a representative will be in contact shortly to explain the next steps.

Apply to become an egg donor today!