About Donor Concierge

Bonnie McKinney Douglas, LLB, BA PGDip

Director, Case Management


Bonnie is a former human rights attorney from New Zealand, with experience in native land law, human rights, immigration, and commercial law. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Public International Law from the University of London. Bonnie has a passion for helping people and has always sought work and voluntary positions in which she can do that. She has worked in law firms and organizations in the United States and the Cayman Islands advocating for families and children. Bonnie experienced her own infertility challenges, and had the unique experience of undergoing IVF while living in the Caribbean and traveling to Florida for treatment.

Bonnie now has two busy little boys who keep her on her toes. At Donor Concierge, Bonnie is able to combine her love of making a difference in peoples' lives and her legal skills with assisting individuals and couples to create a family of their own.

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