How to afford fertility treatments: Fertility costs, resources, and financial options

Posted in Fertility Financing on August 16, 2022 by Donor Concierge

Fertility treatments in the U.S. can be quite costly, and many hopeful parents wonder: "How can I reduce fertility treatment costs?" Whether you are pursuing IVF, IUI, egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy, we want to help hopeful parents find all of the fertility funding resources they need. Read on for a list of options to save money during the fertility process.

Cost can be a huge barrier to fertility treatments for many hopeful parents. IVF is often expensive, and the cost of egg donation, sperm donation or surrogacy can add on additional fees. We have many resources breaking down egg donor cost, sperm donation cost, and surrogacy cost, but we also want to share as many funding resources with hopeful parents as possible.

We recommend starting with insurance - many companies are expanding to offer employees fertility benefits, which can significantly reduce your fertility treatment costs. If you don't have coverage for fertility treatments, check out our piece from the team at Carrot breaking down how to ask your employer for fertility benefits.

Next, we recommend seeking out fertility grants. There are many companies that offer grants to help cover fertility funding. Some are open to hopeful parents from all backgrounds, and some apply to parents in certain geographic regions or backgrounds. We recommend browsing them to find which fertility grants you may qualify for.

Finally, there are companies dedicated to fertility financing. We recently partnered with Sunfish, a fertility financing company, which offers financing options for fertility treatments.

Below, you can find a list of fertility grants, fertility insurance comapnies, fertility financing loans, and more. We hope these resources are helpful to you as you pursue your fertility journey.

Fertility Resources and Information

American Society for Reproductive Medicine
The Broken Brown Egg
Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy
Gays With Kids

Fertility grants

ACG Scholarship Foundation
Aneden Gives
Angels of Hope Foundation
Baby Quest Foundation
The Cade Foundation
The Chicago Coalition for Family Building
The CNY Fertility and IVF Grant
The Family Formation Charitable Trust
Feit 4 KidZ Fertility Loan Foundation
Fertility for Colored Girls
Footsteps for Fertility
Gift of Parenthood Foundation
The Hope for Fertility Foundation
Journey to Parenthood Grant
The Latoya and Joe Dawkins Miracle Child Foundation
Life Grants
LiveStrong Foundation
Making Miracle Babies
Men Having Babies Foundation
Nest Egg Foundation
Northern California Fertility Foundation
Parental Hope
Roaring Adventures
The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund
The Samfund Grant
Sarah’s Laughter
Starfish Fertility Foundation
Tree of Life

Specialized Fertility Benefits

Carrot Fertility

Fertility Loans

Future Family
New Life Fertility Finance
Prosper Healthcare Lending

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