How to Find an Egg Donor

Posted in Egg Donation on November 5, 2012

Donor Concierge is an expert at finding hard-to-find egg donors. With access to the largest databases of more than 80+ egg donor agencies across the country, we can help intended parents find egg donors that meet their qualifications quickly in a supportive environment. Gail Sexton Anderson, the founder of Donor Concierge, has a Masters in counseling from Harvard and has worked with intended parents for 16 years to find them great egg donors to help them to build their families.

We regularly find our clients egg donors who are:

No single egg donor agency will have the right egg donor for every intended parent. Donor Concierge knows where to look to find the specific egg donors intended parents are looking for because we have access to more egg donors than anyone in the world.

Trying to find egg donors who look like they will fit into ones family can be difficult. Intended parents often find it frustrating to search through egg donor database after database and not find the sort of egg donors they are looking for. Donor Concierge sends intended parents all of the currently-available egg donor candidates who meet their criteria which is, in most cases, 10 – 20 or more egg donor candidates.

Donor Concierge does more than just find viable egg donors. It helps its clients,

  • Sort through their options. It helps clarify issues like how to prioritize different donor qualities such as first time vs. repeat donors.
  • Once the intended parents have narrowed their egg donor options down to their top 3-5 candidates, Donor Concierge will verify the availability of those egg donors.
  • Donor Concierge acts as the intended parents’ liaison with the donor agency to gather as much information as possible each potential egg donor before the intended parents commit to one.
  • Prepare a cost analysis to the intended parents of the fees for each donor (donor and agency fees vary).
  • Once a decision is made, Donor Concierge will reserve the egg donor for the intended parent’s cycle.

Donor Concierge strives to be the best possible resource for intended parents to find the best possible ovum donor to help them achieve their goal of creating a family. We look forward to helping you build yours.

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