Supporting international families: Find an egg donor, sperm donor or surrogate in the USA

Posted in International on February 3, 2023 by Donor Concierge

Finding an American surrogate, U.S. egg donor, or sperm donor: how we help international hopeful parents with fertility services in America

If you are considering building your family with fertility services in the United States, Donor Concierge is here to help. We have supported clients of many backgrounds and nationalities through the surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation processes. We believe that every hopeful parent should have the chance to build the family of their dreams.

If you are looking for information on how to pursue third-party fertility processes in the U.S., read on or book your free consultation today to speak with our team.

Donor Concierge has helped thousands of international parents build their families

The United States is often the most accessible country in the world for hopeful parents pursuing third-party fertility services. Still, for international hopeful parents looking to pursue fertility procedures in the U.S., there can be many logistical considerations. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible. Donor Concierge has helped countless international families have children via egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy. We act as your advocate throughout the process to find your American egg donor or American surrogate mother.

What countries have Donor Concierge clients come from?

The Donor Concierge team has worked with hopeful parents from across the world. Donor Concierge has helped clients from many different countries find their egg donor, sperm donor or surrogate including: Canada, China, India, France, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, India, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Ethiopia, Colombia, Italy, Malta, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Why do international hopeful parents pursue egg donation, sperm donation or surrogacy in the United States of America?

Every family is different, and international hopeful parents may come to the United States for fertility treatments for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Advanced medical technology: The USA has a high level of medical technology and expertise in assisted reproductive technology (ART), making it a popular destination for fertility treatments.
  • Availability of donors and surrogates: The availability of a large pool of donors and surrogate candidates makes the USA an attractive destination for egg and sperm donation and surrogacy.
  • Legal framework: The USA has a well-established legal framework and regulatory oversight of fertility that provide levels of security and protection for all parties involved in fertility procedures.
  • Stricter regulations in home country: Many foreign countries may have stricter regulations that make it more difficult to pursue fertility treatments.
  • High success rates: The USA has a high success rate for ART procedures, making it an attractive destination for hopeful parents.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: The USA offers a higher degree of privacy and confidentiality compared to some other countries, which may be important for some hopeful parents.

Can residents of other countries come to the USA for surrogacy?

Yes, residents of a country where surrogacy is more restricted can come to the USA for surrogacy, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set by the state in which they plan to have the surrogacy arrangement. The Donor Concierge team is here to find your surrogate and/or donor, and we can help you find a fertility clinic, attorney and more fertility professionals to guide you through the legal and medical processes.

If you are planning to build your family in the U.S. and don’t know where to start, book your free consultation with the Donor Concierge team. Interested in building your family with Donor Concierge? Schedule your free consultation today.

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