Sperm Donors

Typical Sperm Donor Costs

What does it cost to use a sperm donor?

The cost of using a sperm donor generally ranges from $4,000 to $40,000 and will vary depending on which option you choose - frozen sperm vial(s) purchased from an FDA-approved sperm bank, or a fresh sperm donation from a donor listed with one of our agency partners.

The cost of using a sperm donor can be broken down as follows:

Typical Sperm Donor Costs
Itemized Sperm Donor CostsFrozenFresh
Total Cost$4,000+$38,000+
Donor Concierge search fee$3,000$4,000+
Sperm bank cost per vial$1,000+N/A
Sperm donor agency feeN/A$15,000+
Sperm donor compensationIncluded$10,000+
Sperm donor psychological screeeningIncluded$1,000
Sperm donor insuranceIncluded$500
Sperm donor expensesIncluded$6,000
Legal feesIncluded$1,500
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