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Which service is best for me?

No matter which search service you choose, we find sperm donors who:

  • Fit your family's ethnic background
  • Have the academic ambition you're looking for
  • Possess the physical characteristics that are most important to you

Detailed explanation of services:

Sperm Donor Search Services
Sperm Donor SearchFrozenStandardEnhanced
Program Cost$3,000$4,000$7,000
Program duration2‑weeks4‑weeksUp to 6‑months
An extensive search of all FDA approved frozen sperm banks to provide a curated list of candidates based on your criteria.
Referrals to clinics, attorneys, genetic counselors, psychological support, insurance and escrow providers if requested.
A customized, comprehensive search through our agency partners to find fresh sperm donor profiles that fit your family's needs. 
Up to six months of continuous search and fertility concierge services until a donor passes in-person medical screening.  
Oversee the match, providing updates and liaising with agencies, attorneys, and fertility clinics as needed.  
Direct recruitment of exclusive sperm donors, including online advertisement, vetting and screening of potential candidates.  Ask for more details

We also have more information about typical sperm donor costs.

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