Egg Donor Search Service

Donor Concierge will find 20-40 egg donors who match your desired criteria in two weeks.

Donor Concierge helps clients find the right egg donor from reputable agencies to help create their family. Our search includes more than 100 trusted agencies around the country. We find 20-40 egg donors who fit your criteria within two weeks. A Donor Concierge egg donor search is comprehensive and exhaustive. We find egg donors who:

Egg donor search packages from Donor Concierge

What is included in our egg donor search packages?

Donor Concierge case managers have been helping intended parents find egg donors since 2006. We provide you with personalized coaching through the decision-making process…we’ve helped thousands of clients make their decision. We can help all of our clients with referrals to clinics, attorneys, geneticists, psychologists, insurance and escrow providers.

Basic egg donor search – 2,500

Our Basic egg donor search is ideal for future parents who have some experience with the donor process. Donor Concierge provides

  • A trained case manager to provide expert guidance throughout the search process
  • A pre-search call with your case manager to discuss your desired criteria
  • A customized, comprehensive search of 80+ egg donor agencies
  • A list of all donor candidates currently listed as available, based on your specified criteria
  • Personal introduction to agency representatives for your top 5 donors

We can help all of our clients with referrals to clinics, attorneys, geneticists, psychologists, insurance and escrow providers.

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Premium egg donor search – 3,500

The Premium search is useful for intended parents who are looking for additional support during the process of finding and selecting an egg donor. Our premium egg donor search includes all of the services of basic, plus:

  • Follow-up with agencies on your top 7 candidates to ask any questions you may have and confirm availability of that donor
  • Help reserve a donor for your cycle by securing temporary holds (additional fees may apply)
  • Advocate for you and facilitate communication between your donor agency and clinic
  • Facilitation of additional medical testing and screening* as needed including
    • AMH (fertility) testing
    • Genetic screening
    • Psychological screening

*additional fees may apply

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Diamond egg donor search – 8,500

Our Diamond egg donor search service appeals to intended parents who are looking for a more bespoke approach for a unique, difficult-to-find donor. As a Diamond client, you will access a higher level of dedicated concierge service to help you sort through your options and process your choices as you move forward. You will have one dedicated case manager but we take a team approach to your search, over a three month period. Our Diamond service provides all of the services of our Premium search, including an extensive search of our 80+ agency partners plus:

  • Regular updates of the latest donors who become available that come close to your desired criteria (height, ethnic background, academics etc)
  • Constant monitoring and interaction with agencies about your case and request for profiles specific to your desired criteria.
  • Personalized liason with agencies to determine availability of select donors

Our Diamond clients have access to additional services* such as:

  • Verification of education and standardized test scores
  • On-going case management for 3 months from time search begins
  • Coordinate a Skype call with your chosen donor if requested
  • Further fertility and genetic testing of donor

We have an intimate understanding of the system and an extensive network of contacts. We know what questions to ask, so that you have all the information you need to make the best possible choice for your family.

*additional fees may apply

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