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Simplify your egg donor search.
With access to the best egg donor programs
and the world's largest database of 25,000 donors,
the experts at Donor Concierge will find your ideal match.

Egg Donor Search Service

Match with an egg donor within 2 to 3 weeks — with a fertility concierge pro at your side.

Imagine this: Instead of searching through multiple agencies and a limited number of donors, have a fertility expert do the hard work for you. After meeting with your dedicated case manager, you'll have a custom plan and a curated list of 20-60 candidates to choose from within a week.

Our process is secure and proven: Donor Concierge has a 95% match rate. We find egg donors who:

  • We respect the desire to find a donor who shares the same ethnic background as you, as well as the cultural nuances that may inform those preferences. We’ll do whatever we can to find your ideal match.

    Find egg donors by ethnicity

  • Education, drive, and ambition are priorities for many of our clients. Learn more about how we execute our search for a donor who reminds you of yourself.

    Find egg donors by education

  • This part can be challenging for clients to articulate, but your fertility concierge will work with you to define the physical characteristics that matter to you—from height to eye color to athleticism.

    Find egg donors by physical characteristics

  • Our goal, always, is to find you a donor who’s the right fit, regardless of their location. But we understand proximity can be a search factor, and since we work with egg donors across the country, it’s easy for us to narrow the search to a specific geographic region.

    Find egg donors by location

    Meet the founder

    Our experts help you work smarter.

    Our team’s 25+ years of experience with egg donor selection informs each step of the process, from the intake of your family-building goals to the curation of candidate lists. We can make high-quality matches faster – not just because we have access to more donors, but because we have the agency expertise and decision making skills to synthesize the experience and get you to cycle as soon as possible.

    The Process, Step-by-Step

    Step 1.


    Schedule a free consultation with a Donor Concierge case manager. During this meeting, our team will get to know you and your fertility journey and explain how we can uniquely support you in the egg donation process. The consultation is your chance to ask questions about the egg donor process, learn more about next steps in finding a donor, and understand how our approach can help you find your perfect egg donor quickly and with the full support of our team.


    Step 2.

    Your plan

    Once you begin working with us, our case managers will create a customized plan to get you to cycle with a top candidate as quickly as possible. We will walk through your priorities, like location, cost, any health issues and other desired attributes. Our top priority is your family – we make sure all our clients feel supported and truly understand the egg donation process before we begin.


    Step 3.

    The search

    Using our proprietary donor search software and access to all of our fully vetted egg donor agency databases, our team reviews thousands of egg donor profiles to find you the best match. You aren’t limited to a small pool of agencies – we built innovative software to find the best egg donor for your criteria, and we use our deep knowledge of the third party fertility world to curate the best egg donor matches for your family. We have strong relationships with egg donor agencies and clinics and work closely with their teams to identify all possible options.

    Over a three week period, our team will share egg donor profiles and work with you to create a portfolio of your top candidates. Our team will act as your liaison with donor agencies to bring you detailed information, provide logistical research, request holds for top donor candidates, and more. We do the hard work so you can focus on choosing the best egg donor for your family’s needs.


    Step 4.

    Matching and beyond

    Once we’ve helped you find your top egg donor candidate, we’ll introduce you to the agency to begin your cycle. We can provide ongoing support and will serve as a dedicated resource for all of your questions and concerns, even after the match is made, to ensure you get the personalized assistance you deserve. Whether you require legal, psychological, physical, or emotional guidance, we can refer you to specialists who meet your exact needs.


      Start your egg donor search with Donor Concierge.

      Since 2006, Donor Concierge case managers have helped thousands of intended parents find egg donors, providing personalized coaching through every step of the decision-making process. We can help all of our clients with referrals to clinics, attorneys, geneticists, psychologists, insurance and escrow providers.

      We navigate the egg donor search process, manage logistics, and advocate for you—the intended parent—every step of the way. We’re always available to discuss your egg donation journey, and our experts are on hand to explain the details of our various services and answer any questions you may have.

      Learn more about Our Pricing and Our Platform.


        From 25,000+ to one ideal match.

        Contact us to learn how we can help find your egg donor and build the family of your dreams.

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