San Francisco Egg Donors

Find the best egg donors in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco is world famous for many things - the 1967 ‘summer of love’, the Golden Gate Bridge, free thinking and Alcatraz to name just a few. But it’s also home to a number of excellent fertility clinics that have busy third party fertility programs. Many Donor Concierge partner agencies have wonderful San Francisco egg donors, who may be willing to travel to your clinic to be your egg donor.

Three Facts about Egg Donation

Is the egg donor considered to be my child’s mother?

Definitely not. The donor contributed a small part of her body. You will be the person who raises your child, who nurtures and loves him/her. The donor plays a special role, but she is not your child’s mother.

How do I tell my child that I needed an egg donor to have them?

According to Lisa Schuman, Director of the Center for Family Building, talking to your children about donor conception can begin before they are even born. Children respond to honesty and age-appropriate language. Lisa suggests starting a ‘life book’, chronicling the child’s journey to birth, including information about the egg donor, and all the things that you did to welcome them to this world.

Can I love a child I am not genetically connected to?

This question comes up a lot and we’ve found a great answer on the website for The Donor Conception Network: “Genetics are rarely the basis for people loving one another. Our love for our partner may have foundations that link with experience in our family of origin but does not have a genetic basis. What children need from their parents is love and security and the provision of these is not dependent on sharing genes. Many women say that the experience of carrying a donor conceived child inside them for nine months and contributing to their welfare by the decisions they make about food and environment, makes the bond very easy and very natural to make. Most parents by donor conception say that they cannot imagine having different children.”

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