What is the egg donation process?

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What is the egg donation process? We're breaking it down.

The Donor Concierge Egg Donor Search Process:
Below is a brief overview of the Donor Concierge egg donor process. For additional information, check out our egg donor search service page here!

  1. Donor Concierge consultation
    We begin the egg donor search with a free consultation. During this conversation, one of our expert case managers will discuss your needs, what you are looking for, and more.

  2. Searching for your egg donor
    After signing up with Donor Concierge, your case manager will discuss your priorities, considerations and unique criteria in depth. Your egg donor search will take approximately two weeks, during which your case manager will be searching thousands of donors within our network of egg donor agency, egg bank, and clinic partners.

  3. Reserving Your Egg Donor
    After you select your egg donor, you will begin the matching phase with your egg donor's agency or clinic. This is where the legal process and medical process will begin.

The Egg Donor Cycle
The egg donor cycle is a complex medical process for the egg donor and recipients, and it is carefully overseen by your doctor and fertility team. In sum, the egg donation process typically involves these steps:

  • Your egg donor prepares for retrieval with medication. If you are doing a fresh egg donor cycle, the recipient may also take medication to sync cycles.
  • Your egg donor will then take hormone injections to stimulate egg production
  • To prepare for the egg retrieval procedure, your egg donor will take a "trigger shot," or hormonal injection
  • Next, your egg donor will go through the retireval process in which mature eggs are extracted
  • After retrieval, your donor will need to rest and recover
  • Your fertility clinic will introduce sperm to the retrieved eggs in a petri dish, either through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or natural fertilization
  • Next is typically a wait period so that the eggs time to fertilize, and they may be frozen and/or tested during this time
  • After the embryos have had time to develop, they are transferred into the recipient's uterus

For a a more in-depth breakdown of the above process, check out the information on our dedicated egg donation page or on our blog.

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