Find your ideal
sperm donor

Donor Concierge has the expertise and the connections
to find sperm donors with specific ethnic backgrounds,
academic ambitions, and physical characteristics.

Sperm Donor Search Service

Donor Concierge finds available sperm donor candidates according to your desired criteria within three weeks.

Our team will work with you to understand your specific sperm donor criteria, search hundreds of sperm donor profiles for the best candidates, and curate a list of sperm donor candidates that fit your family’s needs.

We’ve established deep relationships with all FDA-approved sperm banks and agencies around the country to help couples and individuals like you grow their families. Through our extremely comprehensive, proven search process, our goal is to provide you with the best sperm donor options for your family-building journey.

  • We understand your desire to select a donor who has the same ethnic background as you and your family, and we have the tools to help you find your best match.

  • If you’re looking for sperm donors with a background of high academic achievement, our expert case managers can help you find the best possible fit.

  • We know you’re looking for the best sperm donor for your unique family. If you have specific physical criteria in mind, we can help you narrow down your choices and find the right match.

    Our Story:
    Finding a Sperm Donor

    Our experts help you work smarter.

    After an extensive intake process to understand your family’s needs, we get to work to search through our partner agencies to identify the best sperm donor candidates for your unique priorities. We search through all sperm donor databases for candidates who fit your physical, ethnic, and academic criteria. Then, our team of experts curates a portfolio of sperm donor candidates who align with your family’s needs.

    The Process, Step-by-Step

    The Sperm Donor Search Process

    Our sperm donor search process takes about 3 weeks total. During that time, we provide you with profiles of candidates who meet your criteria and an introduction to our sperm donor bank contact. We’ll walk you through the ordering process and ensure you’re feeling fully confident to get started on your sperm donation journey.

    While many sperm banks charge additional fees for more information about their donors, our unique partnerships allow free access to full profiles for Donor Concierge clients. Every sperm donor agency is different and each agency has its own pricing strategy, which can vary significantly. We will liaise with the sperm donor agency on your behalf for follow-up information about the sperm donor.

    Step 1.

    Set your goals

    Meet your Donor Concierge Case Manager and set goals for your sperm donor search. Your case manager will answer any questions you may have, explain how the search works and what to expect.


    Step 2.

    Review profiles

    Your expert case manager will present you with all the sperm donor profiles that closely match your desired criteria. Our extensive search through all FDA-approved frozen sperm banks and some private agency banks provides you with all the profile information that is available. With the help of your case manager, you’ll have all your questions answered and you’ll be supported during your decision-making process.


    Step 3.

    Finalize process

    We connect with your fertility clinic team to let them know the outcome of the search, introduce you to the sperm bank and explain the process of purchasing the correct number of vials, shipment to the clinic and any other information you may need.


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