A different way to find donors and surrogates

25,000+ donors and available surrogates. Hundreds of agencies.
Direct access to fertility clinics and attorneys. Curation by a team
with 25+ years of experience. Selection by you—with our support.

What Is a Donor Concierge Search?

To begin, it’s more than a search. We're not an agency, where intended parents may receive little more than database access to a small pool of donors and surrogates. Here, we listen to your preferences, source candidates from our extensive network of vetted agencies, and then use our expertise to talk you through the selection process.

Finding the right match is our end goal, but Donor Concierge is not a search engine — we are an engine of support, advocacy, and guidance throughout your fertility journey.

  • We evaluate our donor and surrogacy agencies regularly, ensuring their business practices and ethical standards meet our high expectations.

  • Finding an egg donor to replace your own genetics, or a gestational surrogate to carry your child, is an intimate and complex process. We take the time to understand your fertility journey and apply our years of experience to those nuances – encouraging, supporting, and affirming at each step.

  • 100+ agencies, 2-3 weeks, 95% match rate. Our approach balances speed and precision—and, ultimately, gets you to cycle faster than if you were working on your own.

    • Once intended parents have narrowed their egg donor options to their top 3-5 candidates, Donor Concierge will verify the availability of those egg donation candidates.
    • 95% of our clients find the donor or surrogate they're looking for and complete a cycle faster than searching on their own.
  • We specialize in locating hard-to-find egg donors, including college-educated, Asian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, East Indian, African and mixed-race egg donors. Our case managers have direct contact with each of our egg donor agency partners and often have access to donors who have not yet been listed on agency sites. Our surrogacy agency partners are happy to send profiles to us for our clients’ review before matching.

  • We understand your eagerness to find a match and move into the treatment phase as quickly as possible. Our process is mindful of budgetary and emotional constraints.

    What is Donor Concierge?

    Our experts help you work smarter.

    Your case manager is your trained expert and the primary point of contact for all aspects of the fertility concierge™ process. Their purpose is to help you at every step, supporting you with access, guidance, and information so that you feel confident about choices you make.

    Our Team

    25,000+ donors and available surrogates at our fingertips.

    We work with nearly 200 agencies and hundreds of fertility clinics across the country. Our network of fertility partners provide us with exclusive access so we can find you a donor or gestational carrier quickly, efficiently and with confidence that you're choosing the best candidates for your family.

    A difference that's priceless.

    What could be a better investment than the one you make in your future child? From Premium Search to Donor Concierge Private Client, our donor and surrogate search pricing packages include built-in support and advocacy. We help you get this decision right.

    Don't take our word for it:

    “I want to stress that we were very impressed with your work — your responsiveness, promptness, and thoroughness — and feel very good about the search you conducted. We now feel we have really done our homework, because YOU’VE done it for us!”
    – Elizabeth and Clark, CharlotteReal experts, real stories

    The support you need during the search of a lifetime.

    Contact us to learn more about our Donor Concierge services.

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