Single Parents & Couples

Donor Concierge provides expert advice on all issues surrounding third-party reproduction for single parents and couples.

Whether you are a single father interested in surrogacy, a single woman looking for a sperm donor, or a couple searching for an egg donor, Donor Concierge provides expert advice on all issues surrounding third party reproduction.

Single parent surrogacy and egg donation

Every situation is unique and, for single parents, male or female, the learning curve can be greater. There are many things to consider when searching for a surrogate or donor egg such as:

  • Location – laws vary by state regarding the legalities of surrogacy for single men and women.
  • Will the surrogate mother work with a single parent?
  • If you are using an egg donor and/or a sperm donor, you may have no genetic relationship to your baby, affecting the legalities of your surrogacy agreement.

Surrogacy and egg donation for couples

For couples looking for a surrogate mother, the legalities of surrogacy and egg donation are fairly straight forward, depending on your marital status and location. Often the biggest challenge is finding an egg donor or surrogate mother that both parties agree on. Our case managers are compassionate and skilled at helping you both navigate your journey together.

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