Sperm Donor Search Service

Donor Concierge helps clients from all over the world find sperm donors.

Donor Concierge works with clients from all over the world. We offer a personalized sperm donor search, guidance, and counseling to help you find the sperm donors who most closely fit your requirements. Donor Concierge conducts a detailed, personalized search of FDA approved sperm banks. We can help you find the greatest selection of candidates who meet your desired criteria quickly and efficiently.

Premium Sperm Donor Search

We will search through all of the databases of agencies with which we work to locate sperm donor candidates who are as close as possible to your desired criteria of physical, ethnic, and academic qualities. Your Case Manager will follow up directly with each agency to find out any additional information you would like about the donors in whom you are most interested. With the Premium Search we will keep your credit card on file so that we can request full profiles of the candidates you wish to pursue.

The Premium Sperm Donor Search is $2000 (additional fees if translation or extra profile information requested).

Through Donor Concierge you get:

  • Personal consultation with one of our seasoned Case Managers who is dedicated to your search
  • Access to all available U.S. donor sperm banks that are FDA approved.

We don’t accept referral fees from agencies and work independently for you. Our goal is to help you to find the best sperm donor candidates who are as close as possible to your desired criteria.

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