Egg Donors

How do I find an egg donor who looks like me?

At Donor Concierge, we encourage our clients to find someone who looks like she would fit into your family. That may mean that we find a tall egg donor or a donor with the same skin tone or hair color. She might look like she could be your sister, your cousin, or your aunt. We can’t find someone who looks exactly like you, but we can come close.

We encourage you to be open to a variety of physical characteristics in order to widen the choice of egg donors who may be presented to you. The narrower your search criteria, the fewer egg donors who will fit the bill. There are very few tall, blonde, genius, professional model egg donors.

Here are just some of the physical traits we can search by:

  • We can help you search for:

    • A tall egg donor
    • An athletic egg donor
    • A petite egg donor
  • We can narrow your choices based on

    • Eye color
    • Hair color
    • Facial features
    • Skin tone

Can I find a donor with a specific blood type?

We have many intended parents who ask us to search for an egg donor based on blood type. While we encourage you not to focus on a specific blood type (which will limit your choices), we are sensitive to the unique needs of our clients. We understand that cultural issues may limit the donor blood type you are willing to choose.

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