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Donor Concierge now offers immediate matching with medically qualified surrogates!

Surrogate Search Service

Availability is one of the key qualifications for a surrogate, and Donor Concierge has access to more U.S. surrogates than any other organization in the world. Our process includes the navigation of all logistics, from the initial search to clinic pre-approval, as well as the guidance you need to feel confident you’re making the right choice prior to making any financial or emotional commitment to an agency or surrogate.

Finding a surrogate With Donor Concierge

Because we work with more than 70+ trusted surrogacy agencies across the country, our team is more likely to find the candidate who matches your unique and specific criteria, meets all American Society Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines, and is currently available to carry your baby.

Surrogate availibility and choice

Waiting on an agency to find the right surrogate for your family can lead to a lot of frustration and heartache. Our 'Parent Choice' model ensures that a surrogacy agency has an available surrogate who meets ASRM guidelines before you financially commit to the program.

Available Surrogates

Finding surrogates near you

It’s critical that you work with a gestational carrier who resides in a surrogate-friendly state, so our fertility concierges will help you find a surrogate who lives in a location that’s optimal for your family's needs.

    The Parent Choice model

    At Donor Concierge, we use a “Parent Choice” model to help intended parents find available surrogates easily. In comparison to the “old-school” surrogacy matching experience, our Parent Choice approach provides a wider selection of candidates while also reducing long waiting times for matches. To find the best surrogate match for every journey, we cast a wide net and review surrogate profiles from over 70 agencies across the country, ensuring that each surrogate candidate has already been screened and vetted for eligibility. Not only does the Parent Choice model offer choice and flexibility, but also can help intended parents save time and money.

    Learn more about Donor Concierge's Parent Choice model.

      A Surrogacy Journey:
      Where Do I Start?

      Our surrogacy experts help you work smarter.

      Through our comprehensive agency database and industry expertise, we can find a surrogate who is available and willing to carry your baby within weeks.

      Our Team

      Start your surrogate search with Donor Concierge.

      Our surrogate search service is comprehensive. Donor Concierge reviews profiles from the country’s top surrogacy agencies to find trustworthy surrogate candidates who meet all of the requirements that most reproductive endocrinologists {REs} are looking for. This approach ensures that you see a variety of candidates from multiple agencies and aren’t limited to just one surrogacy agency. From there, will send you detailed profiles of the qualified candidates who are currently available, all of whom meet ASRM guidelines and are likely to be medically approved by your doctor.

      Your case manager will work closely with you throughout the entire surrogate search process, and will contact the surrogacy agency when you find a candidate who you feel could be a good fit. We’re always available to discuss your surrogacy journey, and our experts are on hand to explain the details of our search services and answer any questions you may have.

      Learn more about Our Pricing and Our Team.

      Surrogate Search FAQs

      How can I find a surrogate mother?

      In most cases, finding a surrogate involves connecting with a surrogacy agency so that they can help you match with a qualified candidate. Some intended parents try to find a surrogate on their own through social media and other channels, but this is generally not recommended. Surrogacy is a vastly complex process, and it’s crucial that you work with the right professionals to guide and support you through every step of the journey.

      At Donor Concierge, we streamline, simplify, and enhance the surrogate search process by partnering with over 70 surrogacy agencies across the country. We help to find your ideal match by providing a wide selection of candidates in a shorter-than-average timeframe.

      How can I find a reliable and trustworthy surrogate agency?

      In an “old-school” surrogacy journey, finding a reliable and trustworthy surrogacy agency generally involves conducting extensive research. With Donor Concierge, intended parents have access to surrogates from over 70 top-rated surrogacy agencies in the US. Instead of expending time, effort, and energy on finding a great surrogacy agency, intended parents working with Donor Concierge can focus on finding their ideal surrogate match, no matter where she is.

      How long does it typically take to find a surrogate mother?

      The time it takes to find a surrogate can vary greatly depending on several factors. In an “old-school” surrogacy journey, it can take on average several months to a year or sometimes longer for intended parents to be matched with a surrogate. With Donor Concierge, we cast a wider net by reviewing profiles from many surrogacy agencies, which helps us reduce the amount of time it takes to match intended parents with amazing, qualified, and available surrogates. We can match you with a surrogate within one week.


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