Your Guide to Using an Egg Donor

What is egg donation?

Egg donation, also known as ovum donation, is simply that—when one woman undergoes treatment to have some of her eggs removed surgically for the benefit of you, the ‘intended parent’, to enable you to have a baby using a younger egg. This can also be referred to as ‘third-party’ fertility.

Why should I use a donor egg?

No one grows up with the idea that they may need to use a donor egg to have a baby. You may be a woman who has left child-bearing to your later years, only to have a diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve. We have clients who have a PCOS diagnosis at a very young age, those who underwent fertility-limiting cancer treatment and clients who have genetic disorders that they simply do not want to pass on to their offspring. Or perhaps you are a single male or gay couple who need a donor egg to complete your family using surrogacy.

Learn about the egg donor recipient process

1. Consultation and Intake

First, we invite you to have a free consultation. We’ll discuss your fertility journey so far and where you are emotionally in the process. We talk about your desired criteria for an egg donor. There is no charge for this initial consultation and no obligation to engage our services.

Once you decide to use Donor Concierge to find an egg donor, you’ll fill in our online Intended Parent Intake, upload pictures and make a secure payment. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis and generally book about a week in advance.

2. The Egg Donor Search Process

At Donor Concierge, we know that making the decision to use an egg donor is never easy. You may have already been through multiple IVF cycles, spent tens of thousands of dollars and been on an emotional roller coaster of failed treatment, with no success. With so many egg donor agencies out there, how do you sift through the thousands of profiles and choose an egg donor? That’s where we come in.

You’ll have another detailed talk with your assigned case manager to go over your criteria, and then we get to work. The search takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and during this time, we ask that you work interactively with our case manager to ensure that you are on the same track. We’ll be sending you profiles of donors every day or two. We urge you to look at those profiles within 24 hours. Donors are matched very quickly and it’s essential that you give us your feedback as the search progresses.

While your case manager is searching, she can also:

  • Help you understand which donors may be more suitable to you
  • Follow up with the agencies about your favorite candidates*
  • Confirm the donor’s availability and willingness to travel
  • Help you to put the donor on hold while you make your final decision
  • Arrange for the donor to be sent for some initial testing/screening locally before the couple has to commit fully (this will depend on the agency but most are cooperative)
  • Arrange for medical records to be sent to the clinic*
  • Maintain your privacy and release your name only when you give us permission

*Premium and Platinum search packages only

3. Reserving Your Egg Donor

Once we’ve helped you choose your egg donor, we introduce you to the agency. They will coordinate with your clinic to have the donor screened according to its donor egg recipient protocol. A legal agreement with the donor will be completed prior to beginning the medication cycle.

We provide on-going support and act as a resource even after the match to make sure our clients know where to get the support they need, be that legal, psychological, emotional or just plain practical.

4. The Egg Donor Cycle

Step 1

First, your donor’s menstrual cycle needs to be synchronized with yours using hormones including birth control pills and Lupron injections.

Egg Donation FAQ

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