Find Jewish Egg Donors

Donor Concierge works with you to find a Jewish egg donor who is the right fit for your family.

Many intended parents who come to Donor Concierge are concerned that their particular ethnic background and heritage will be lost if they cannot find an egg donor who comes from the same background as them. For our Jewish clients, heritage and genetic lineage are even more important, especially as a child traditionally inherits their 'Jewishness' through the mother.

Whatever your position, at Donor Concierge, we are sensitive to your desires and will work with you to find a Jewish egg donor who you feel is the right fit for your family. From the start of your search, we work closely with you to determine the distinct criteria that you are looking for in your desired donor. In most instances, we can help you find a donor who has certain specific traits. We can find out if the donor comes from an Ashkenazi, Sephardi or Mizrachi background. If she is an Israeli egg donor? Is she Jewish according to halakhic tradition?

Many egg donation agencies realize the importance of heritage to those intended parents looking for a donor. Jewish egg donors are some of the hardest to find, which is why we work very closely with all of the agencies to search on your behalf. Our network covers 100+ agencies within the United States, many specializing in recruiting Jewish egg donors.

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