Gay Parenting

We understand the challenges related to third-party donation and surrogacy for gay couples.

For gay couples looking for a surrogate or lesbian couples interested in a sperm donor, Donor Concierge is a champion for your right to have children, regardless of your sexual orientation or family structure. We are proud to have helped many same-sex couples through the journey of egg donation and surrogacy. Once you start your journey to parenthood, you’ll encounter many questions along the way—we’re here to help!

Surrogacy for gay couples

Our surrogate search service is tailored to your needs as a same sex couple (or single gay man or woman). We understand the changing nature of surrogacy and have the resources to find a surrogate mother within 2-4 weeks of searching. We work with only the most reputable gay-friendly surrogacy agencies, giving you peace of mind that your journey will be as smooth as possible.

Once you engage our services, we get to work—not only searching for a surrogate who will welcome working with a gay couple, but also educating you on the surrogacy and egg donation process.

Egg donors for gay men

Our case managers are here to guide you every step of the way as you search for your egg donor. Gay men embarking on egg donation have unique needs and often don’t experience the grief and feelings of loss that women do in this situation. We can help you narrow your choices to find egg donors who are right for you. We sift through all the available egg donors at 100+ agencies to find the person who’s perfect for you.

Sperm donors for lesbian parents

Donor Concierge also provides a sperm donor search service for lesbian women who need help finding the perfect sperm donor. Finding a sperm donor is different from finding an egg donor. We have access to all of the sperm banks in the United States and can send you candidates quickly and efficiently. Learn more about finding a sperm donor with Donor Concierge.

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