Finding Your Fertility Tribe: #TwoDads

Posted in LGBTQ+ on June 8, 2020 by Donor Concierge

Finding your fertility tribe can be daunting so we’ve narrowed down the best accounts for you to follow.

As June is Pride Month, we celebrate the wonderful openness of all the two-dad families who choose to share their journeys. We love that there are so many parents and intended parents out there spreading awareness about egg donation, surrogacy and fertility. So here’s our latest installment to highlight some of our favorite two dad families sharing their #Surrogacy and #DEIVF (Donor Egg IVF) stories.

James and Charlie run the Instagram account @PapaAndDaddy, where they document their lives and beautiful family of four. James and Charlie have been open about their surrogacy and #DEIVF journey, and just welcomed a baby boy into their family. As a Bay Area company, we love that San Francisco sites make frequent appearances in their posts (we admit, we’re a liiiitltle bit biased!). Follow for a glimpse of their journey navigating the craziness of parenthood in style.

Elliott and Matthew are queer papas living in the Great Plains, and they are sharing their parenthood journey on YouTube and Instagram @Ephemeral.Elliot! We love the curated shots and gorgeous photos of their baby girl Uma, but Elliot also takes that extra time to engage with his followers and share their day-to-day life. A must-follow for anyone looking for more than just an aesthetic parenting feed -- we love the realness!

Daddy Squared
So technically this is more than an instagram account, but Daddy Squared is an amazing resource for men looking to build their family -- or anyone with questions about #DEIVF, surrogacy, and parenthood! Daddy Squared is a podcast by dads Yani (@Yanirdekel) and Alex, raising their kids and covering frequently asked topics. They also bring on guests to speak to their unique experiences -- and right now, they’re highlighting gay dads on the frontlines of the Coronavirus with their series, “Gay Dads Save the World.”

Run by dads Erik and Adam, @McHusbands is a wonderful account documenting their journey raising beautiful twin girls. In addition to the adorable shots on their Instagram feed, Erik and Adam share personal stories on their blog and Youtube. They’re a great follow if you want to go a little deeper than the ‘gram!

Jeffrey & Bryce are two dads & two kids from Salt Lake City, Utah. When they’re not posting pictures of their beautiful home and even more gorgeous babies, they work as real estate brokers. You’ll definitely say “awwww” when you see the photos they shared of their surrogate Julie with babies Rue and Ridge on their birthday.

This ‘All-American Family’ consists of Dustin and Burton and their two gorgeous twins, Stone and Holland. They’ve recently launched their own Youtube channel called Raising Buffaloes, documenting life as a gay couple with two kids in the south. They want to encourage people to see families like theirs as a normal ‘all-American family’. We couldn’t agree more!

Luca Andrisani (@2daddies1baby) is a #dadblogger sharing his journey raising his daughter through creative posts and relatable captions. We love that Luca plays around with his feed, often animating parts of his photos with gifs or effects. His page reminds us that parenting is fun, but his captions definitely keep it real.

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