Available Surrogate Mothers

Donor Concierge finds available surrogate mothers quickly and efficiently using a ‘Parent Choice’ model.

Intended parents often contact Donor Concierge after spending months, and sometimes years, trying unsuccessfully to find an available surrogate mother to carry their much-wanted child. Others have spent hundreds of dollars placing ads on the Internet or have asked friends or family members to serve as a surrogate, often with disappointing, and costly results. With Donor Concierge's Parent Choice approach, we will find qualified surrogates who are available now.

The ‘Old School’ surrogacy agency model:

With what we call an 'Old School' surrogacy agency model, the Intended Parent signs up to work with a specific surrogacy agency. The agency requires an up-front payment of one-third to one-half of its fee (which can be $30,000 or more) before the agency will show the intended parent any surrogate profiles.

Agencies usually have a long list of intended parents who are waiting to be matched, so matches occur based on who is “next in line” for a potential match. In working with our clients who have tried the Old School model, we found that average wait times for a surrogacy match can be 4 to 8 months.

By the time they are presented a surrogate, they can feel the pressure to work with that candidate, whether or not she is up to the standards that the Intended Parent desires. By not choosing the first available surrogate, the Intended Parents may lose their place in line, even though this candidate might not be the best match.

The Parent Choice model:

Donor Concierge prefers to focus on the ‘Parent Choice’ model during the surrogate selection process. We believe it’s important to work with the right person to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

At Donor Concierge, we cast our net wide, contacting all the agencies that we have vetted and approved, reviewing the profiles of their available surrogates. We make sure the candidates are likely to be approved by your doctor, meet ASRM Guidelines, are healthy and come as close as possible to your desired criteria. We ONLY work with agencies that will allow us to review surrogate profiles prior to sharing them with our clients.

With this approach, you’ll see a wider array of both candidates and agencies, and have the opportunity to make an informed choice about both.

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