Pregnantish Podcast: Samantha Busch speaks about surrogacy and advocacy

Posted in Surrogacy on January 6, 2023 by Donor Concierge

We partnered with Pregnantish to share diverse stories of conception, pregnancy, and parenthood - including Samantha Busch's impactful conversation about surrogacy and infertility advocacy.

We are proud to partner with Pregnantish and sponsor this episode of the Pregnantish podcast, in which advocate Samantha Busch shared her experiences through infertility, pregnancy and surrogacy. We are so proud to support these impactful conversations and grateful for those like Andrea at Pregnantish and Samantha and Kyle Busch for spreading awareness of infertility and supporting this community.

NASCAR fans may know Samantha Busch as the wife of race car driver Kyle Busch, but in more recent years, many of us have learned that she's a fierce infertility advocate. Founder of the Bundle of Joy Fund, Samantha Busch has also written the book “Fighting Infertility: Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage.”

Samantha and Kyle Busch have welcomed two children and supported other families struggling with infertility through their nonprofit fertility grant organization. In conversation with Pregnantish, Samantha shared her journey to family.

The importance of openness and advocacy

Samantha and Kyle Busch experience fertility struggles while trying to conceive. Though she has two children now, Samantha shares that it is important to them to continue speaking on the topic and sharing their story. "I think it's really important to still stay a part of this community," Samantha shared. "Yes we've completed our family, but there's so many others that are getting ready to start their journey... I just still think back to when we started and how overwhelmed and lost and scared I felt, so I definitely think continuing to share so that people feel empowered to be able to go to their doctors and ask the right questions or seek the help that they might need. I think just it's very important to keep it more open, and I love that so many people are speaking out and making it more mainstream because that's really going to help."

Where the journey began

Kyle and Samantha experienced fertility struggles years ago, while trying to conceive their first child. "We had our son Braxton after the first round of IVF, and he will be seven soon. That tells you how long we've been on this journey." Samantha also mentioned that the last time she and Andrea had spoken, they were struggling with obstacles on their path to a second child. "We had a miscarriage, a failed cycle, failed surrogate cycle, and then when we spoke last I was going to a new Clinic to start again."

Samantha’s advice for anyone considering surrogacy

Samantha says that the most important part of the surrogacy journey is open communication with between surrogate and hopeful parents. “The best thing, in my advice, would be to really communicate,” Samantha says. “Think up front about what you're both okay with and what would be a “hard no” for both of you.” Samantha shares that she attributes her positive surrogacy experience to this advice. “We went through a number of topics and make sure we are aligned on them and we ended up having a very beautiful and easy relationship throughout the entire journey.”

After building her family via gestational carrier

Now that Samantha and Kyle Busch have completed their family building journey, their passion for infertility advocacy is stronger than ever. Looking back on her surrogacy journey to welcoming her second child is a whirlwind. "We welcomed Lenox [via gestational carrier] on May 10th, and just like everything else in our journey to our children, it did not go as planned." Samantha shared that emotions were high welcoming her child into the world, due to complications during labor and delivery. Luckily, though, she says that "everythin worked out according to God's plan." Samantha shares that "it might not go how we wanted it to go, but in the end, it's exactly where we needed to be."

The Busch family has come a long way in building their family, thanks to not only their hope and determination in moving forward, but support from their fertility team, loved ones and their surrogate. Samantha shared a special thanks to her surrogate, saying, "Anybody who decides to do that for another family is just absolutely incredible." We are so glad that Samantha Busch is such an outspoken supporter of those going through fertility struggles, and Donor Concierge is grateful for advocates in this community who share their surrogacy success, advice for others, and more.

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