Greater choice
with greater confidence

In 2006, Gail Sexton Anderson launched
Donor Concierge as a resource for intended parents
who want greater choice when choosing a donor or surrogate.
We are now the industry’s leading third-party concierge service.

Our commitment to you.

Donor Concierge has been recognized by parents and professionals as the trusted leader in the third-party fertility world. Why? Because integrity and transparency are our founding principles, and we want all intended parents to have confidence in the services we provide.

Accordingly, we commit to the following:

  • We clearly outline our fees in the search for donors and surrogates, from Premium Search to Private Client. There are no surprise charges or hidden costs — our approach is open and transparent.

  • An integral part of our process is the independent vetting of organizations we work with, because we work for you, the intended parents. Accepting referral fees from agencies would shift a dynamic we’re careful to protect — that’s why we don’t do it.

  • After over two decades working with thousands of intended parents on the search for the ideal donor or surrogate, we have developed insight into what it takes to be a good match, refined our processes, and invested in technology. We’ll share those opinions, and our reasoning behind them, with no pressure to commit.

    “Our goal is to look out for you, the intended parent, to help you find the best possible candidates and services available.”
    Gail Sexton AndersonEdM, Founder

    A team of experts

    Work with a team that has helped thousands of parents make the right choices for their families. Donor Concierge takes a collaborative approach, and offers a comprehensive of resources, including a proprietary e-book, access to top fertility doctors, and an understanding of the industry that stretches back 25 years.

    Our Team

    Partnered with fertility leaders

    With over 25 years’ experience and a reputation for excellence, Donor Concierge is able to introduce you to the fertility field’s top medical, mental health, financial and legal specialists.

    Our Partners

    “No doubt in my mind that Gail’s heart is in her work, and she embodies the true spirit of our profession: through great care, teamwork and attention to detail, intended parents’ dreams of parenthood are realized.”
    Dr. Said DaneshmandSan Diego Fertility Center

    Let’s make it happen.

    Contact us to learn more about our Donor Concierge services.

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