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Posted in Donor Concierge on August 2, 2022 by Donor Concierge

We are thrilled to announce that Gloria Li is now Executive Director of Donor Concierge! Get to know Gloria as she shares about her background, her work with Donor Concierge and more.

What is your background, and how did you come to work at Donor Concierge?
I have been with Donor Concierge since 2013, beginning when we were still working out of a spare bedroom in Gail’s home. I joined Donor Concierge after spending 12 years in sales, marketing, and business development. Beginning as a Case Manager, I progressed to Director of Asian Client Services, Program Director, and now Executive Director of Donor Concierge. I have a real passion for helping people find the best donors and surrogates and I am thrilled to lead our wonderful team and take on the role of Executive Director.

What brings you joy?
I really enjoy working with our teams and in my daily work with our clients from around the world. I love building systems and processes to create more effective structure to help the business grow. I am really proud to see our business with a 30% revenue growth on a yearly basis. As a parent, I know the joy of holding that new little person for the first time and helping others to feel that love is the greatest joy for me.

What is your favorite weekend activity?
I’m based in the Pacific Northwest which is a beautiful part of the world. You can usually find me hiking or backpacking our local mountains.

Why is Donor Concierge's work impactful or meaningful to you? Do you find it rewarding?
Since I started with Donor Concierge in 2013, our team has helped thousands of hopeful parents build their families. We know how difficult fertility struggles, and specifically the third-party fertility journey, can be for any parents. We are incredibly proud to act as a trusted resource for hopeful parents so that they can spend their time excited to grow their family, rather than stressed about all the moving parts. Helping so many people achieve their dreams of family is the ultimate reward.

What changes or growth have you seen over the years working in fertility?
We have seen much more openness about infertility and third-party fertility over the years. The shame around infertility is slowly lifting, and we are proud to be part of the community that is so vocal about the prevalence of fertility struggles. No one should feel ashamed of infertility, and yet it has been a common experience for millions of hopeful parents. We are glad to see that is starting to change.

I’ve also noticed a significant shift in many families opening up about third-party fertility, from donor conceived people sharing their stories to parents speaking about donor conception and surrogacy. We have always advocated for transparency throughout the donor-conception process and encourage parents and donors to consider open donation agreements. While every family and donor has different needs, seeing open donations become more and more common has been encouraging.

What do you see as Donor Concierge's mission?
Donor Concierge’s ultimate mission is to be the best resource for hopeful parents using donor conception and surrogacy to build their families.

Why is Donor Concierge valuable? How do the skills/qualities of our team align with hopeful parents' needs?
Donor Concierge is more than just an egg donor, sperm donor, or surrogate search. We have a strictly-vetted network of fertility practitioner partners, so every intended parent who works with us has peace of mind that they are getting the best experience possible. We have built a proprietary software system that gives us more access to donors and surrogates than anywhere else. We pride ourselves on supporting hopeful parents with the best and most efficient service possible.

More than that, though, we are proud of our expert Case Manager team. Many of our Case Managers have experienced fertility struggles or third-party fertility themselves, and they have both expert knowledge and a unique empathy for family-building that makes Donor Concierge special.

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