All Families are Welcome

Donor Concierge welcomes everyone who wants to create a family using a donor or surrogate.

Donor Concierge is an advocate for all intended parents seeking to create their family using egg donation or surrogacy. We have been helping people from all backgrounds find egg donors and surrogates since 2006. The U.S. and especially California, has the most liberal laws when it comes to family building. Whether you are gay or straight, a couple or single, Donor Concierge is proud to welcome everyone who wants to create a family.

Single parents & couples

Single parenting, whether male or female, can be a challenge. There are specific legal issues to consider depending on where you live, where your egg donor will be cycling and where your surrogate resides. Your marital status can make a difference too. We can help you work through all of these details, find the right egg donor or surrogate, and put you in touch with an appropriate legal advisor as you consider your options.

Single Parents & Couples

LGBT families

We’re proud to work with many LGBT couples and singles looking for egg donors, surrogates or sperm donors. We are uniquely positioned as an independent resource, connecting you with the best agencies, attorneys and donor candidates to help you build your family. We can advise you on the best states for you to find a surrogate, egg donor or clinic, and can help you manage the process smoothly and efficiently.

Gay Parenting

International families

The Donor Concierge team acts as your advocate in the U.S. to help you navigate the many choices that you will need to make. Every year we help hundreds of intended parents from around the world find an egg donor and/or surrogate mother in the United States to help create their family. Our clients come from as far as China, Australia, Europe and South America. We have a network of resources including egg donor agencies, surrogacy agencies, fertility attorneys, and reproductive endocrinologists to help you find a surrogate mother or egg donor in the USA.

International Parents

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