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The Donor Concierge Team

The Donor Concierge team is comprised of compassionate, educated, and knowledgeable case managers, with a track record of outstanding results to help families find the right donor or surrogate choice. Every Donor Concierge team member is adept at searching our vast network of agencies, clinics, and other fertility professionals to give hopeful parents unparalleled options on their search.

We have chosen each team member for their unique ability to relate to our clients. We have a multinational office with case managers who speak a variety of languages so that we can best support hopeful parents of all backgrounds.

  • CEO & Founder Gail Sexton Anderson

    Gail Sexton Anderson

    CEO & Founder

    Gail has dedicated her career to helping intended parents from all walks of life build families. She founded Donor Concierge as a compassionate approach to helping intended parents sort through the gauntlet of egg donor and surrogacy options. Gail is a Harvard trained counselor with 20 years of experience helping intended parents have the baby they always dreamed of.

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  • President Gloria Li

    Gloria Li


    Gloria is responsible for the management of Donor Concierge, overseeing all aspects of the company. …

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  • Director, Sperm Donor Program Cynthia Lim

    Cynthia Lim

    Director, Sperm Donor Program

    Cynthia has had an extensive marketing career with multinational retail and wellness brands while …

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  • Director, Case Management Bonnie McKinney Douglas

    Bonnie McKinney Douglas

    Director, Case Management

    Bonnie is a former human rights attorney from New Zealand, with experience in native land law, …

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  • Surrogacy Program Manager Kylee Warren

    Kylee Warren

    Surrogacy Program Manager

    Kylee joined the Donor Concierge team with 8 years of experience in Third Party Reproduction, and …

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  • Senior Case Manager Alyssia Tortora

    Alyssia Tortora

    Senior Case Manager

    Alyssia joins Donor Concierge after establishing her career in the fertility field. She previously …

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  • Senior Case Manager Candice Bolek

    Candice Bolek

    Senior Case Manager

    Candice brings seven years of Third-Party Reproduction experience to Donor Concierge. She …

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  • Senior Case Manager Carrie Honigblum

    Carrie Honigblum

    Senior Case Manager

    Carrie joins Donor Concierge with ten years of experience in third party reproduction. After …

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  • Senior Case Manager Joanne Zhang

    Joanne Zhang

    Senior Case Manager

    Joanne comes to our team after a career in education and academia. Joanne earned a Bachelor’s …

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  • Senior Case Manager Stephanie Fierro

    Stephanie Fierro

    Senior Case Manager

    Stephanie Fierro is a Case Manager joining the Donor Concierge team with a background in public …

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  • Senior Case Manager Emily Howard

    Emily Howard

    Senior Case Manager

    Emily comes to Donor Concierge with four years of experience as a Registered Nurse. Emily has …

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  • Case Manager Alison Holland

    Alison Holland

    Case Manager

    Alison joins our team after several years of experience working in the third party fertility field …

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  • Case Manager Jenn Creacy

    Jenn Creacy

    Case Manager

    Jenn joins our team with more than a decade of professional experience supporting families, both …

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  • Case Manager Megan Shank

    Megan Shank

    Case Manager

    Megan joins Donor Concierge with 8 years of experience in the fertility space. Originally from …

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  • Outreach & Business Development Rachael Smolen

    Rachael Smolen

    Outreach & Business Development

    She joins us after spending a decade living and working overseas in the corporate world. Her …

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  • Intake Manager Grace Yang

    Grace Yang

    Intake Manager

    Grace Yang keeps the trains running on time for Donor Concierge and oversees the intake process for …

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  • Research Assistant Jun Feng

    Jun Feng

    Research Assistant

    Jun Feng is a young and vibrant new member of our Asian team. Jun holds a Bachelor’s of Business …

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  • Client Success & Technical Support Javana McKinnon

    Javana McKinnon

    Client Success & Technical Support

    Javana is a highly accomplished Client Success Manager with a background in cellular and molecular …

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  • Chief Operating Officer Terrell Anderson

    Terrell Anderson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Terry joined Donor Concierge after spending his career in software and IP-based businesses in large …

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