About Donor Concierge

Joanne Zhang, BA, LLM

Senior Case Manager


Joanne comes to our team after a career in education and academia. Joanne earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages and a Master’s in Law from Sun Yat-sen University. Joanne furthered her education with a Master’s of Law (LLM) International Business Law from University of Central Lancashire.

Joanne had an extensive career as a university lecturer, where she taught English and English for Law. She loved teaching and the ability to share meaningful information with students and help them discover and reach their dreams. After sixteen years in academia, Joanne transitioned to working as an education consultant and tutor while raising her two sons.

Joanne understands the struggles and hard decisions that can come with family building, and credits her own family-building experiences with giving her the knowledge to help other parents on this path. Joanne is passionate about working with people to bring positive change into their lives, and is excited to help hopeful parents through the third-party fertility process.

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