Find Egg Donors by Education

Finding a Harvard egg donor, a Princeton egg donor, Yale or other Ivy League egg donors becomes a top priority.

Most of our clients have advanced degrees from prestigious universities. They are ambitious and accomplished in their fields, and are hoping to find a donor who reflects their own background.

During the search for an educated egg donor, your Donor Concierge case manager will review each and every profile on your behalf to find intelligent egg donors who you feel will fit into your family and to whom you feel you can relate. We focus on egg donors who are pursuing or have graduated from a 4-year college with a GPA of at least 3.0. We’ve helped intended parents find educated egg donors with bachelors and masters degrees, medical students, law students and PhD candidates. We can even help you find music and art students for those looking for more artistic donors.

We know that you begin the journey of egg donation with expectations of finding a highly educated, genius egg donor with good SAT scores, with advanced degrees from a prestigious university—someone just like you. We read each profile to find all those donors who come as close as possible to your desired criteria. We can help you find an intelligent egg donor with obvious drive and ambition—a younger version of you with similar values and background.

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