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    Find an egg donor in the United States

    Finding an egg donor in the USA can be a frustrating process if you are doing it on your own. Many of our clients come from countries where egg donation is illegal or banned so navigating the thousands of possible candidates available in the US is confusing. Time is of the essence when you are looking for a US egg donor, so when you factor in time differences, your chances of finding an available egg donor on your own are diminished. That’s where Donor Concierge steps in to act as your US advocate. Most of our international clients choose our Standard egg donor search package – where we do all the legwork on your behalf. We send you profiles of available candidates and liase with the agencies to confirm your perfect egg donor. We help you understand how the egg donation process works so your next step is simply to book your ticket!

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      Find a surrogate mother in the United States

      Finding a surrogate mother in the USA can be overwhelming for international clients and that’s where we come in. Our knowledge of the industry and links with trusted professionals means we can quickly assess your personal situation and recommend candidates that will be best for you. We help you to understand all the issues that may arise. Do you want to find a gestational carrier who lives close to an international airport? How much involvement can you have in the pregnancy? Will she give you regular updates?

      We always say that a surrogate chooses you as much as you choose her. For international parents, this is particularly true. Donor Concierge understands these subtle nuances and can find all of the available surrogate mothers that are right for you.

        American donors & surrogates: What are the challenges?

        • Legal - we evaluate your particular situation based on your citizenship, marital status and location, and can refer you to excellent attorneys who specialize in international fertility law
        • Logistical – Donor Concierge has a team with vast knowledge of international travel. We help you make decisions based on clinic location, surrogate location and donor location.
        • Communication – Our multinational team speaks several different languages including Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French and Tagalog, and we offer translation services for all of our consultations and searches.
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