New York Surrogate Mother

Search from among best surrogate mothers in New York, from Brooklyn to Albany, Buffalo and New York City.

In New York State, gestational surrogacy contracts are prohibited. New York law allows for surrogacy, but intended parents must work with a surrogate mother who resides in a state where gestational surrogacy is legal, for example, Connecticut. Donor Concierge works with intended parents who reside in New York to find their ideal surrogate candidate, including those who live in states who are not “surrogacy friendly”.

Surrogacy law is not uniform across the U.S., so it’s important to work with a team like Donor Concierge who is fluent in matching clients based in Albany, Buffalo, Brooklyn, New York City and other New York state areas with surrogate mothers who live in surrounding states and across the country. Our case managers work with over 100 of the best surrogacy agencies to find qualified surrogate mothers who meet the criteria laid out by our clients.

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