Donor Concierge announces new Vice President of Business Development and Director of Marketing

Posted in Egg Donation on January 10, 2023 by Donor Concierge

After a record-breaking 2022, the Donor Concierge team is growing in 2023. We are proud to announce that we are kicking off 2023 with an expanded leadership team. Michelle Laurie is now Donor Concierge's Vice President of Business Development, and Cynthia Lim is now Director of Marketing.

Michelle Laurie is Donor Concierge’s new Vice President of Business Development

For the past 10 years, Michelle has played a significant role in developing Donor Concierge as the Director of Business Development and Marketing. She has been an integral part of Donor Concierge’s growth and centering the needs of hopeful parents and their children as our Donor Concierge's north star. With deep experience working with hopeful parents and fertility practitioners, Michelle has strengthened Donor Concierge’s brand and reach.

Taking on this new role of VP of Business Development, Michelle will be leading Donor Concierge’s business development organization as we expand and offer new services in 2023.

Cynthia Lim is Donor Concierge’s new Director of Marketing

Cynthia is stepping into a new role as Donor Concierge’s Director of Marketing. As a senior case manager, Cynthia has extensive experience helping hopeful parents build their families and expanding Donor Concierge’s offerings and services for clients. With over fifteen years of marketing leadership, sales, and advertising experience, Cynthia will bring an invaluable skillset as Director of Marketing.

Cynthia will be leading Donor Concierge’s marketing efforts and expansion in 2023, and will drive Donor Concierge’s expanded offerings and campaigns.

Both Michelle and Cynthia have deep experience in the fertility field, and have helped Donor Concierge clients through the egg donor, sperm donor and surrogate search. Donor Concierge is proud to have such deeply passionate leaders stepping into new roles, and our team is excited for continued growth in 2023.

If you are considering egg donation in 2023, our team is here to help. Interested in building your family with Donor Concierge? Schedule your free consultation today.

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