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Posted in Donor Concierge on November 10, 2021 by Donor Concierge
  • The Donor Concierge Sperm Search package launched in 2021
  • We’ve helped a record number of hopeful parents
  • Welcoming new team members to the Donor Concierge family
  • A new and improved Donor Concierge is coming!

With 2021 drawing to a close, our team is reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned and the shifts our company has seen. We celebrated our 15th year in business and are humbled to see so much growth: we’ve created new service offerings, hired new team members, and worked on exciting new projects. So… what’s new at Donor Concierge?

Introducing Donor Concierge Sperm Search
That’s right – Donor Concierge now offers a comprehensive sperm donor search package. We spent years establishing unique partnerships with all FDA-approved sperm banks and developing our service to best serve hopeful parents.

So, how does it work? After an extensive intake process to understand your family’s needs, we get to work to search through our partner sperm banks and agencies to identify the best sperm donor candidates for your unique priorities. We’ve negotiated unique partnerships and have access to a multitude of sperm donor databases to help us find candidates who fit your physical, ethnic, and academic criteria. Then, our team of experts curates a portfolio of sperm donor candidates who align with your family’s requirements. Your Case Manager will follow up directly with each sperm bank to find out any additional information you would like about your top sperm donors. We’ve already helped many families grow through sperm donation, and we are excited to continue helping hopeful parents from all backgrounds to create their families through sperm donor conception.

A record-breaking year
This year, we’ve matched a record number of clients with their egg donor, sperm donor and gestational carrier. We’ve worked with over 200 different agencies and 100+ fertility clinics.We know there are many hopeful parents still struggling to begin their fertility journeys, or unsure about taking the leap to third-party fertility. But the success stories we have seen this past year make us confident that there is so much hope and potential for those struggling with fertility. 2021 has shown us that progress is still possible in the toughest times.

Welcome Kylee and Joanne
We’re excited to share that we’ve welcomed several new team members this year, including Kylee Warren and Joanne Zhang!

Joanne has had an extensive career as a university lecturer, where she taught English and English for Law. She has always loved teaching and the ability to share meaningful information with students and help them discover and reach their dreams. After sixteen years in academia, Joanne transitioned to working as an education consultant and tutor while raising her two sons. Joanne understands the struggles and hard decisions that can come with family building, and credits her own family-building experiences with giving her the knowledge to help other parents on this path. We’re so happy to welcome her to the Case Manager team.

Kylee joins the Donor Concierge team with 8 years of experience in Third Party Reproduction. She worked for one of the top fertility clinics in the U.S. with her primary focus helping international clients build their families with egg donation and gestational surrogacy. With her medical background and passion for helping others she brings both a deep understanding of the complexities and kindheartedness to her work in helping create families. Kylee holds a BS in Health Sciences and Pre-Nursing from Portland State University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina. We’re so grateful for the expertise Kylee brings to our team.

New and improved look
Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that Donor Concierge is getting a new look. We’ve been hard at work developing new services and supporting clients, and our new site will better reflect everything we offer hopeful parents. We’re launching a Preferred Provider program and will introduce new resources for our clients to better arm themselves with the confidence to move ahead with their third party family building journey.. We can’t wait to show you the new and improved Donor Concierge!

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