California Egg Donation: What you need to know

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Donor Concierge is based out of California, and over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of California parents build families via egg donation. If you’re looking to pursue egg donation in California, we’re sharing the information you need to know.

California Egg Donation Laws

California is a fertility-friendly state, meaning that there are laws in place that support parents pursuing assisted reproduction. These include laws protecting parents pursuing fertility treatments who are unmarried and parents who may not be biologically related to the child. For a full breakdown of these recent legal protections, you can check out the fact sheet put together by NCLR, Our Family Coalition and Equality California. Or, you can ask your Donor Concierge case manager to help walk you through any legal concerns you may have.

As more and more people turn to fertility treatments, laws like this help diverse couples from a wide range of backgrounds build their families.

California Egg Donor Requirements

California does not have specific laws regarding egg donor eligibility. Rather, California egg donors must meet the criteria set forth to donate eggs by the FDA and criteria set by individual egg donor agencies or clinics. These requirements are typically the following:

  • 21 to 29 years old
  • Good physical and mental health
  • 19 to 25 BMI
  • Nonsmoker / has not smoked cigarettes in the previous 12 months
  • Regular monthly period cycles
  • Not currently on a hormonal IUD
  • Participation in physical and mental screenings
  • Willing to take injectable medication
  • Free from sexually transmitted diseases in the previous 1 year
  • No history of drug use
  • Refrain from getting tattoos or piercings six months prior to and during the egg donation cycle

California Egg Donors

As both a fertility-friendly and populous state, California has a sizable number of women participating in egg donation. There are many fertility clinics and agencies in California, each with their own pool of California egg donor candidates. In fact, couples from out of state often find their egg donors in California.

Most large cities in California have multiple fertility clinics and/or egg donor agencies where you may begin your California egg donor search. Finding a Los Angeles egg donor, San Diego egg donor, San Francisco egg donor, Sacramento egg donor or other local California egg donor is definitely doable. (And if you need assistance or want to search multiple regions, our team can help.)

The wide array of egg donor candidates in California is a benefit for anyone looking to begin their California egg donor search, but the number of choices can be difficult to navigate. With the use of egg donation steadily rising, more hopeful parents are searching for California egg donor candidates. So if you find a California egg donor that meets your criteria and perfectly fits your family, we encourage you to act fast!

Still have questions about California egg donation? Need help finding a great local California egg donor? Schedule a free consultation and speak with a Donor Concierge case manager today.

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