Egg Freezing Part II

A possible solution to the cost of egg freezing for young women might be shared cycles. What could be more practical than to pair young women who are interested in preserving their fertility with intended parents who are in need of young viable eggs.

Shared cycles have been done in Europe by pairing a woman who needs an IVF procedure and a woman who needs an egg donor. The woman who needs the egg donor pays for the egg retrieval and the two women split the eggs from the retrieval. I've always thought that was a less than ideal pairing since both women already are having fertility issues but, I suppose it's better than nothing.

Just think, the type of women who are likely to consider egg freezing are most likely to be bright, educated and ambitious. All qualities intended parents want in an egg donor. I would imagine many intended parents would be thrilled to have such a high quality group of egg donors to choose from and be happy to pay for the retrieval to obtain half of the eggs retrieved while the other half is frozen for the young woman's future use.

The key is to educate young women. There are thousands of women in their forties and fifties who can share their personal fertility struggles because no one told them that there was a price to pay for "having it all". This generation doesn't have to pay that same price they have options.