12 Reasons Why You Need Donor Concierge

Posted in Donor Concierge on January 11, 2010 by Donor Concierge Team
  • Gail Sexton Anderson is a well-respected thought leader in third-party fertility with a wealth of knowledge regarding many related issues

  • Gail has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Harvard and has been in the this field since 1998 counseling intended parents through egg donor and surrogacy selection

  • The Donor Concierge Team is accessible and will return your call quickly

  • We have the largest egg donor database in the world with access to over 20,000 egg donor profiles through over 100+ reliable egg donor agencies across the country.

  • In most cases Donor Concierge can provided you with 20-40 excellent egg donors who meet your criteria with in a week to a week and a half

  • Donor Concierge has access to over 80+ egg donor and 40 surrogacy programs across the country often with access to donors that have not yet been posted to agency sites

  • Donor Concierge has helped thousands of intended parents find hard to find egg donors including Asian egg donors, Jewish egg donors, Middle Eastern, South Asian and East Indian egg donors

  • Donor Concierge makes every effort to protect you from questionable egg donor and surrogacy agencies

  • Donor Concierge acts as your liaison to quickly find you an available surrogate that meets your requirements and your Reproductive Endocrinologist's health standards usually within 4-6 weeks

  • Gail and her team are straightforward, honest, patient and compassionate. We take the time to listen to you and learn what is most important to you.

  • Donor Concierge saves you time, money and unnecessary stress by sorting through sites quickly and intensely without emotional stress that may hamper you the intended parent

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Welcome to Gail's Blog! Gail launched Donor Concierge in 2006 to provide intended parents with greater choice when searching for an egg donor or surrogate. Our Blog retains her voice, and our company retains her philosophy & ethics. We invite you to learn about finding an egg donor, finding a surrogate mother and the fascinating world of fertility.

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