Choosing A First Time Egg Donor

We come across many intended parents who get the recommendation from their doctors to look for egg donors who have had successful cycles in the past. There is nothing wrong with moving forward with a donor who is a previous donor but if you want to cast a bigger net to find the right (and available) egg donor for you, it helps to remember that previous donors were once first time donors too.

Search criteria that is limited to only previous donors means a lesser number of egg donors to choose from who might otherwise have all the other qualities you are looking for. Although previous donors have the advantage of previous cycle, genetic and psychological screening results, first time donors will have the advantage of asking for lower fees and who will also undergo ovarian reserve assessment, genetic and psychological screening before a cycle can begin. Most agencies are now open to having a first time donor’s ovarian reserve assessed for a minimal fee before agency fees are paid. This can help all parties feel that the egg donor they have chosen is fertile and most likely to have a successful donation cycle. This is especially reassuring if the egg donor is in her late 20s.

A cycle with a repeat donor is no more likely to end in pregnancy than with a first time donor. As with any egg donor, subsequent donation results remain beyond our knowledge and control and that is why when searching for your donor, we highly encourage that you give first time donors a chance at the possibility of helping you have your future baby.

Anna Baylon, R.N., is a Senior Case Manager for Donor Concierge