Daddy and Pop from Love Makes a Family series by Guess Who a review

I recently had the honor of reviewing a wonderful children’s book Daddy and Popin the Love Makes a Family series from Guess Who Multimedia.  It is delightfully simple and straightforward and set to music to make it appealing to their target audience, kids.  It tells the story of Jessie’s first day in first grade when her teacher ask the class to draw a pictures of their family.  Jessie is very excited to illustrate her family and the first one up to talk about her drawing.  One child in the class then ask Jessie “where is your mom?” This is of course the first question Jessie has for her Daddy and Pop when they pick her up from school.

Her Dads give a loving and straightforward explanation to Jessie with the bottom line being that what’s most important is that they love her more than anything and are so happy that they are all a family.  Books of this nature are so important in our world today but not just for the children they are written for.  As parents we want the best for our children and we want to be able to answer some of what we may see as the tough questions in a clear uncomplicated way with out a lot of social baggage.  Daddy and Pop does this beautifully. It is all about love. A couple that loves each other and want to share their love with their child in the family they build. I highly recommend this book for any gay family and for their friends and family because it is love that makes a family.