Donor Concierge and Chinese Fertility Patients

Posted in Egg Donation, Surrogacy on March 1, 2018 by Gail Sexton Anderson

I created Donor Concierge to help intended parents find what they were hoping for in an egg donor, rather than try to talk them into an available donor that was in the database of the agency I was working with. With ten years’ experience working within egg donor and surrogacy agencies, I learned that no single donor agency would have the right candidate for each intended parent. Intended parents wanted choice.

When I launched Donor Concierge in 2006, my very first client was a Chinese woman who was looking for an egg donor. Although I was just beginning to develop agency relationships, I found her 20 viable candidates. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of Chinese clients. With our network of 250+ egg donor and surrogacy agencies, we are able to provide more egg donor and potential surrogate options for each intended parent.

Part of my goal for Donor Concierge was to offer cultural sensitivity and understanding to our clients. When I began my career in working with international intended parents, egg donor agencies were suggesting that Chinese, East Indian, and many other couples choose Hispanic egg donors because they often have dark hair and dark eyes (and because they didn’t have available Chinese or Indian egg donors). I thought this was insensitive and insulting and so did the intended parents who wanted their ethnicity to be reflected. In my experience, although there may not be many Asian egg donor candidates available from any single agency, Asian egg donors are out there if one knows were to look. Donor Concierge knows where to look.

Donor Concierge has a higher standard for egg donor health histories than many agencies simply because we don’t have a vested interest in any single candidate. The donors we send have already been vetted by Donor Concierge to eliminate those with hereditary illnesses and other health issues. Furthermore, most of Donor Concierge’s clients tend to be highly educated with advanced degrees who are looking for college-educated egg donors with a drive to succeed. My experience has been the same, no matter where the intended parents are from.

For many intended parents, especially those who have a more tradition-oriented background, it is extremely important to find an egg donor who shares their ethnic origin (i.e. Chinese hopeful parents search for a Chinese egg donor). Some clients have even have asked if it is possible to learn what village the egg donors’ family of origin is from (which, for the record, is not usually an option). Meanwhile, other hopeful parents may not be searching for their ethnicity, and they instead have other priorirites. In this case, many Chinese hopeful parents have been open to a Japanese or Korean egg donor and, in a few cases, a Caucasian egg donor.

Every hopeful parent is different, and we work hard to make our service as supportive as possibe. We want every hopeful parent embarking on the egg donor search to feel confident that they will get as many viable candidates as possible from Donor Concierge. For Chinese clients, that may mean working with our Mandarin-speaking team or team members who have strong relationships with many Asian egg donor agencies.

An example of our experience working with Asian intended parents was with Li Mei, a native of mainland China referred to us by her fertility clinic. Li Mei was looking for a 100% Chinese egg donor and, since she was only here in the United States for a short time, she needed to make her arrangements quickly. Because her English was limited, she worked directly with Gloria. Speaking in Mandarin made a big difference for her peace of mind. Gloria helped put Li Mei at ease. As she listened to Li Mei’s fertility story, Gloria was able to explain to her what Donor Concierge could do to help her.

Gloria conducted a detailed egg donor search and helped Li Mei narrow her selection to two excellent candidates. Gloria acted as the liaison between Li Mei and the agencies to ask all of the questions that Li Mei had regarding the donors she liked best and helped her to reserve both candidates so that her clinic could then help her to decide which would be the most viable candidate for her upcoming cycle.

My goal for Donor Concierge is to be the most effective, the most knowledgeable, and the most compassionate service for Asian intended parents seeking an egg donor and/or surrogate as part of their fertility treatment. Now, with decades of experience helping hopeful parents find the best egg donors to build their families, we are confident thay we provide the best quality service for hopeful parents on their search.

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