Donor Concierge Honors Dr. Said Daneshmand with 2023 Fertility Provider Excellence Award

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Donor Concierge is proud to award the 2023 Fertility Provider Excellence Award to Dr. Said Daneshmand and San Diego Fertility Center, recognizing exceptional care for fertility patients.

Donor Concierge named Dr. Said Daneshmand, MD, as the recipient of the 2023 Donor Concierge Fertility Provider Excellence Award. This annual award recognizes fertility practitioners who meet Donor Concierge's stringent standards of excellence and provide outstanding care to fertility patients.

Those seeking fertility care, particularly options in donor conception and gestational surrogacy, are faced with a myriad of choices", says Gloria Li, President of Donor Concierge, "and our goal is to guide those patients to the best fertility clinics and the doctors who provide outstanding care.

For nearly two decades, Donor Concierge has assisted thousands of hopeful parents in the third-party fertility sector. The company has a rigorous vetting process for fertility partners and has created a network of vetted fertility practitioners through a Preferred Providers program, which serves as a free resource for hopeful parents seeking top-notch fertility options nationwide.

"It's an honor and a privilege to assist Intended Parents in starting their families", says Dr. Daneshmand, who sees third party patients from all over the world.

Affectionately known as 'Dr. D.', Daneshmand has worked with Donor Concierge founder Gail Sexton Anderson since the company was started in 2006. "I always recommend Donor Concierge because of the trust, admiration, and respect I have for Gail and her team. I can't find any other organization that will take better care of you. They are professional, organized, and I have complete trust that you'll be in the best hands on your journey to creating a family."

As birth rates fall around the world, the United States is seen as a beacon of hope for those seeking fertility treatment, in particular donor conception and surrogacy services.

Gail Sexton Anderson says "Fertility treatment can be fraught with many highs and lows. Emotionally and financially, patients take on a huge commitment. By partnering with physicians like Dr. Daneshmand and all of the staff at San Diego Fertility Center, we can ensure that our clients get the best care and attention. Because we work with the best surrogacy and donor agencies, we have a deep knowledge of the donor and surrogacy agency landscape. We help our clients synthesize the experience, and manage their IVF cycle efficiently and confidently."

Gloria Li adds, "Our Excellence Award provides an opportunity to really highlight those in the fertility space who are changing the landscape for our clients. A third of Americans know someone who has utilized fertility treatment - that means there are more options out there for patients and that can raise more questions. 'Which is the top fertility clinic?' 'How do I find the best surrogacy agency?' We're here to guide them to the best."

Internationally recognized for his achievements in enhancing success rates for fertility treatment, especially in complex in vitro fertilization (IVF) cases, Dr. Daneshmand specializes in third-party reproduction. He also serves on the board of several gestational surrogacy advocacy groups. Dr. Daneshmand holds board certifications in Obstetrics and Gynecology, with a subspecialty board certification in Reproductive Endocrinology. He is extensively published and frequently delivers presentations to fertility experts worldwide.

About Donor Concierge:

Donor Concierge is the leading fertility service helping intended parents navigate the challenging process of finding an egg donor, sperm donor, or surrogate. Through an extensive network of industry connections, Donor Concierge provides access to 25,000+ donors and available surrogates, 250+ partner agencies, and top fertility clinics. The Donor Concierge team has facilitated thousands of successful matches and is recognized as an international leader in third-party fertility. Donor Concierge combines powerful search tools with expert guidance to assist clients in building their families through egg donation, sperm donation, and gestational surrogacy. The team leverages the world's largest egg donor database and has access to more U.S. surrogates than any other organization. Their technology and trusted network have made them pioneers in third-party fertility, backed by over 25 years of fertility experience.

About San Diego Fertility Center:

San Diego Fertility Center® is a world-class fertility center with locations in Southern California and New York City. With over 100 years of collective reproductive clinic experience in diagnosing and treating infertility, SDFC is a global leader in all aspects of infertility, egg donation, surrogacy, and fertility preservation.

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