Egg Donation: It’s Not Just The Seeds, It’s Also The Soil!

Posted in Egg Donation on June 23, 2014

Dear Gail,

Almost 2 years ago I contacted you to help us locate a donor. I was hesitant to even consider using a donor and, of course, very sad that in our fertility journey, we were at this junction. Over the course of 8 years, we had experienced 14 IUI’s, 8 IVF egg retrievals and transfers and 4 miscarriages.

You helped us located a donor and now we are the glowing parents of an amazing 8 month old daughter. I wanted to share with you something I’ve learned from our “Topsy Turvey” tomato plant hanger and our daughter.

When our miracle baby was born, it was amazing how much she looked like me. In fact, my mother drug out my baby book and compared pictures of how much we looked alike. She even had the same birth mark on the back of her head and mole on her rear end that I have.

We love garden fresh tomatoes. Sadly, our Topsy Turvey tomatoes tasted terrible compared to my mother-in-laws tomatoes. What I learned is that it really doesn’t matter where the tomato seed came from. The secret ingredient was the soil that grew the tomatoes.

I can with 200% certainty tell anyone hesitant about using a donor that once your baby is born, because it has grown in your body, that baby is ALL yours. We are so grateful for our miracle baby and I regularly say prayers and offer thanks to our donor. I will probably never meet our donor, but I will forever be eternally grateful for her gift to us. She gave us the seed to grow our daughter, but it was my soil that grew her. She’s our daughter in every way. Thanks so much for helping us find our special seed.


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