Hard to find Egg Donors are NOT so Hard to Find with Donor Concierge

You don’t need to settle when you are looking for an egg donor. You can find wonderful bright donors that fit your criteria. They are not going to be located at any one egg donor agency but they are out there if you know where to look and Donor Concierge knows were to look.

Donor Concierge has done hundreds of successful searches for hard to find egg donors (East Indian, Greek, Armenian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Asian and high SAT/ACT scoring egg donors) and we can usually find a minimum of 8 but far more often 24 egg donor candidates for you. We have access to over 18,000 egg donors through over 80 egg donor agencies across the country. It's like we have the largest egg donor database. We send only donors who are currently available, college educated with at least a 3.0 grade point average in school. Donor Concierge reviews each donor’s profile to make sure there are no physical health, mental health or addition concerns regarding the donor or her family.

What Gail does is search on your behalf to find you a selection of donors that fit your criteria. Before she adds an agency to our list Gail must either know them or have a recommendation from a trusted source. In each case Gail speaks with the founder or director at length to learn more about their policies and criteria for choosing donors. If we receive feedback from our clients of a negative nature we investigate the claim and then decide if we will continue to use the program.

Donor Concierge’s fee for an egg donor search ranges from $3500-$5995, depending on how much involvement you want from us.